The Sycamores

(Rag and Bone Shop/VWH-0004).
Released January 1995.
The debut album.
Studio: Paisley Park

A terrific, ballad-heavy slice of countryish roots rock, which occasionally recalls Exile-era Rolling Stones.
– Manhattan Spirit

the players:

Frank Randall: vocals, guitar harmonica.
David Downey: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Paul Novak: bass, backing vocals.
Jon Duncan: piano organ, accordion.
Adam Levy: lead guitar, backing vocals.
Dominic Ciola: bass.
Slim Dunlap: electric guitar, backing vocals.
John Eller: backing vocals.
Dave Boquist: fiddle.
Mark Lerner: mandolin.
Noah Levy: percussion.
Jacques Wait: lead guitar.
Mike Wisti: percussion, backing vocals.

track listing:  click title to see lyrics and listen

  1. My Blue Collar
  2. Love is Dead
  3. Hard Years
  4. Morning Glory
  5. Local Sinners
  6. Break Your Heart
  7. Sing Angel
  8. Stupid Waste
  9. Amaze Me
  10. Diamanda
  11. Red Wing Boots
  12. You’re the One for Me
  13. On the Rise