Listening Skills

(Veto Records/VR1006)
Released December 1996.

Bone-deep, allusion-filled songs set to a distinctly American soundtrack. The music is rustic but thoughtful, refreshingly short on attitude and long on character.
– Twin Cities Reader

the players:

Frank Randall: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass (12).
David Downey: Drums, percussion, backing vocals.
Paul Novak: bass, backing vocals.
Jon Duncan: organ, piano.
Jim Johnson: pedal steel guitar.
Slim Dunlap: electric guitar.
Jacques Wait: electric guitar, bass (6).
Mike Wisti: backing vocals, trumpet (8).

track listing: click title to see lyrics and listen

  1. American Son
  2. Red Light
  3. Lonely Lonely
  4. True Religion
  5. Blacklight
  6. Bone Box
  7. Idiot’s Delight
  8. Lost Souls
  9. Starlet
  10. North Country Room
  11. Last Child Blues
  12. Holy Water
  13. Love to You